Chief Fire and Safety – High Quality Fire Apparatus, Safety Apparel and Equipment 

Chief Fire and Safety is a country-wide dealer of public safety and flame resistant industrial apparel. Dedicated to keeping the citizens of our country out of harm’s way, we deal with leading manufacturers to provide durable, high quality, fire apparatus and equipment to fire departments in and around Oklahoma.

Our mission is to serve the best with the best.

With comprehensive knowledge and experience in the industry, we understand that each situation calls for a special level of protection. In case of a fire, you need to be able to count on high performance protective gear. A family run operation, Chief Fire and Safety is a full service apparatus repair facility and the largest firefighting equipment and apparatus dealer in southwestern United States. 

What sets us apart is the wide range of services we offer:

  • We sell E-ONE fire apparatuses, the leading brand in the industry
  • We build custom Wildland Fire Apparatus
  • Our small rescues and firefighting skid units are designed to suit diverse customer specifications
  • We sell a complete line of firefighting equipment and protective clothing 

When confronted with a raging fire, you can count on our products for complete protection. Established nearly forty years ago, we deliver outstanding and enduring quality and excellence.

Protection of life and property is our goal.

Chief Fire and Safety can provide you with superior firefighting equipment at competitive rates. Contact us today to purchase the best protective gear. Call today at:

In Oklahoma - (800) 522-4206
Outside Oklahoma - (800) 654-4060

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Chief Fire & Safety located in Chickasha Oklahoma has been in the same location for over 40 years and is the preferred supplier of E-One Fire and Rescue Vehicles, Chief Built Wildlands Brush Units, Wildlands Skid Units, ATV Skid Units and is a fully certified repair facility.

We are a distributor for most brands of fire and emergency equipment, with an extensive inventory to suit all of your fire-fighting and emergency first-response needs.