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Chief Fire - Rescue Apparatus

High Performance Fire Safety and Ambulance Apparatus—Available to you Through Chief

With marked advancements in technology, fire departments today have well-designed, top quality equipment available easily and affordably. When lives are at stake, the right apparatus can make all the difference. Chief Fire and Safety provides firefighters in Oklahoma with high performance tools and trucks.

Responding to a distress call and entering into a burning building poses a high level of risk and danger. Firefighters and the communities they serve will find comfort knowing that the fire department is equipped to deal with any kind of emergency at any time.

At Chief Fire and Safety, we go the extra mile to provide clients with quality. We offer you a wide range of apparatuses:

  • Full Size Fire Trucks, including:
    • Ladder Trucks
    • Tankers
    • Pumpers
    • Rescue
  • Wildland Brush Units
  • Rescue Units
  • Custom Skid Units
  • Ambulance
  • And More!

Every emergency calls for a unique approach. In most cases, your team of firefighters doesn’t know the severity of the situation until they are in the thick of it. This is why we specialize in offering a full line of fire safety products to fire departments across the nation – allowing emergency responders and firefighting professionals to use the best equipment available to tackle every crisis.  

E-ONE Tanker
& Pumper Trucks

Chief Built

Chief Built

Chief Built Skid
Truck Bed & ATV


Are you in need of a fire safety apparatus upgrade?

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