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Chief Built - Skid Units

Chief Fire and Safety - Wildlands Skid Units

Our Wildlands Skid Units are fully customizable to meet your firefighting needs. From a 100 gallon to a 500 gallon unit we are sure to find the very best application for you. Have size restrictions due to using a pick-up truck bed with wheel wells? Well with our complete customization, we have you covered there as well.

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  • 300 Gallon fully baffled polypropylene tank with sump
  • No foam or 12 gallon foam cell
  • Hale™ or CET™ pump
  • Optional Blizzard Wizard™ foam system
  • Rear mounted, lighted pump panel
  • Multiple outlet manifold
  • 6 gallon aluminum fuel tank with fuel gauge
  • Independent Battery supply
  • Stainless Steel plumbing
  • Hannay™ hose reel with electric rewind and double and roller spool assembly
  • 100’ of 1” Redline Booster hose
  • 1” Pistol grip nozzle with adjustable GPM of 5-10-24-40
  • Water Level sight glass
  • Foam level sight glass (if foam equipped)
  • Mounted on aluminum frame for ease of relocation


  • 100 TO 500 Gallon fully baffled polypropylene  tank
  • Various Foam Cell sizes or quantities
  • Hale™ or CET™ pumps of different horsepower
  • 6 gallon aluminum fuel tank or Chassis Fuel Draw
  • Battery or Chassis Electrical Draw
  • Top mounted or rear mounted lighted pump panel
  • Whipline capable
  • Bed mounted or aluminum frame mounted
  • Stainless steel valves or Akron Brass™ TS handles
  • Much, much more options available.

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